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Yes, after you have prepared your e-TDS/TCS return you can check/verify the same by using the File Validation Utility (FVU). This utility is freely downloadable from the NSDL e-Gov-TIN website.

FVU is a program developed by NSDL e-Gov, which is used to ascertain whether the e-TDS/TCS return file contains any format level error(s).When you pass e-TDS/TCS return through FVU, it will either generate error file or .fvu file. If there are errors, the error file will display the error location and error code along with the error code description. If there are no errors in the e-TDS/TCS return, .fvu (output) file will get generated. In case you find any error, you can rectify the same and pass the e-TDS/TCS return file again through the FVU till you get an error-free file.

'Upload File' that is generated by the FVU when the return is validated using the FVU has to be filed with TIN-FC. This 'upload file' is a file with the same filename as the 'input file' but with extension .fvu. Example 'input file' name is 27EQGov.txt, the upload file generated will be 27EQGov.fvu.

For Quarterly Returns, Java has to be installed to run FVU. Details are given in FVU section of NSDL e-Gov-TIN website.

Yes, the control totals in Form 27A and in Error/Response File are same.

In such a case the e-TDS/TCS return will not be accepted by the TIN-FC. You should ensure that the control totals generated by FVU and that mentioned on Form No. 27A match. In case of any difficulties/queries, you should contact the TIN-FC or TIN Call Centre at NSDL e-Gov.