AIR / Verification of AIR

Yes, after you have prepared your AIR you can check/verify the same by using the AIR-File Validation Utility (AIR-FVU). This utility is freely downloadable from NSDL website and is also available with TIN Facilitation Centres (TIN-FCs).

FVU is a program developed by NSDL which is used to verify the format level correctness of the return file. When you pass AIR through FVU, it generates an 'error file’ if there is any error related to format in the input file. The error file will display the error code and error description. You can rectify these errors and pass the file again through the FVU till you get an error free AIR file. If there is no error in the file, a message “File Validation Successful” will be displayed. For detailed help on use of FVU, refer to the “AIR setup readme.txt” and the instructions available upon clicking the ‘readme’ icon in the opening screen of the AIR FVU.

In order to install and run AIR-FVU, Java has to be installed on the computer. Details are given in AIR File Validation Utility section of website.

The AIR-FVU will generate an upload file with the same filename as the ‘input file’ but with extension '.fvu'. (Example ‘input file’ name is FORM61A.txt, the upload file generated will be FORM61A.fvu). This upload file shall be furnished.