Consolidated TDS/TCS file

1. Overview Consolidated TDS/TCS file:

Deductors / collectors are required to furnish a quarterly TDS / TCS statement as per guidelines of the Income Tax Department (ITD). For any update in the quarterly TDS / TCS statement, a correction statement is furnished by the deductor / collector. Correction statement is to be prepared on the latest statement details (accepted) at TIN central system. Consolidated TDS/TCS statement provided by TIN consists of latest statement details i.e., the updates done vide correction statements (accepted at TIN central system). Consolidated TDS/TCS statement is available for:

  • e-TDS/TCS statements pertaining to F.Y. 2005-06 onwards.
  • TDS/TCS statements accepted at TIN central system.

Steps to be followed for online request of Consolidated TDS/TCS statement and Update TAN registration details

2. Download of consolidated TDS/TCS file

  1. Consolidated file will be available download for successful generated request.
  2. File will be available for download within 24 hours of request.
  3. Consolidated TDS/TCS file will also be e-mailed at the registered e-mail ID (s).
  4. Consolidated TDS/TCS file will be available for download for 30 calendar days.
  5. Consolidated TDS/TCS file can be downloaded under “View status file” option.

3. Steps for merging the split TDS/TCS statement