Consolidated TDS/TCS file

  1. Login to TAN Registration Account with user id, password and TAN.
  2. On successful login, under menu ‘TDS/TCS’, select option ‘Request- Consolidated TDS/TCS statement’.
  3. Request for consolidated TDS / TCS statement can be made for the TAN against which the user has logged in.
  4. On clicking the aforementioned option, a screen “Request Consolidated File” will appear where user is required to provide the following details pertaining to statement required:

    • 15 digit Token Number (earlier referred as Provisional Receipt Number) of regular statement
    • Form no.
    • Quarter
    • Financial Year

  5. On successful conformation of the above details, a window will appear stating “Kindly provide below mentioned details for verification”.
  6. As stated above, as a part of verification procedure, user is required to provide details of challan/transfer voucher and/ or deductee/collectee details.
  7. For verification, latest details i.e., considering the accepted correction statement (s) if any should be provided.
  8. Consolidated TDS/TCS statement is available if correct details are provided to the questions for verification.
  9. Five attempts within a day are provided to correctly answer the verification questions for statement required.
  10. In case of five unsuccessful attempts within a day for the same statement, request for such statement can be placed only on next day.
  11. On successful verification, request number is generated and the consolidated TDS/TCS statement is e-mailed to the user within 24 hours on the e-mail ID provided on TAN registration.
  12. In addition to the e-mail, consolidated TDS/TCS file is also available for download.
  13. In case of large number of records in the TDS/TCS statement requested, the statement is split in multiple files owing to restriction of mail size of the user.
  14. In case TDS/TCS statement is split in multiple files then each file is sent by separate e-mail.
  15. For multiple files received for single request then, before extracting the contents, merge the split files using “File Merge Utility” available at TIN website under the option “TAN Registration” in download section.
  16. Consolidated TDS/TCS file provided is password proected and in compressed form. Contents. of the file can be extracted, using compression utility as below:

    • Winzip version 9.0 or above.
    • Winrar version 3.9 or above.