Update TAN registration details

Procedure for updating demographic and contact details in TAN registration.

  • Update of TAN registration details is allowed on successful logging to TAN account.
  • For updating the TAN registration details click on "Update Profile".
  • Under 'update profile' user can update demographic and contact details including e-mail ID (s)
  • On successful update of TAN registration details, an alert e-mail is sent intimating updates have been successfully processed at TIN.
  • Subsequent of e-mail ID (s) update (if any), the same should be verified, for TAN account to be active.
  • Update of e-mail ID (s)
    • On update of e-mail ID, an e-mail containing the link is sent at updated e-mail ID for verification of the updated e-mail ID.
    • Click on the link and provide TAN and TAN registration no.
    • On successful validation of TAN and TAN registration no., e-mail ID will be considered as verified.
    • If all the verified e-mail IDís are updated, then the TAN account will be deactivated, i.e., user will not be allowed to request for any file. However, user will be allowed to update the profile on login to TAN account, in case incorrect e-mail was updated.
    • If the TAN account is deactivated on account of update of e-mail ID, then the same can be activated by clicking the link received at the updated e-mail ID and verification of TAN and TAN registration no.
  • Update of mobile no.
    • On update of mobile no.,
      • An SMS containing six character verification code is sent at the updated mobile no. and
      • An e-mail containing link for verification of mobile no., is sent at registered e-mail ID (s)
    • Click on the link and provide TAN, TAN registration no. and six character verification code (received by SMS) for verifying the updated mobile no.