View/Download Book Identification Number (BIN) Details

In the post login of AO account, option to View/Download Book Identification Number (BIN) is provided.

  • In order to view/download BIN details, select the period (Month & Year) for which Form 24G statements has been filed. To view/download BIN for specific TAN, mention the TAN of DDO and period (Month & Year) for which Form 24G statements has been filed.
  • BIN will be generated only for those DDO records for which valid TAN is provided.
  • User will be able to request BIN (view/download) maximum for a period of 12 months.
  • Verification of amount of tax remitted to Government is optional. In order to verify the amount of tax remitted, the AO has to select the check box and provide the amount of tax. If the details matches with the amount present at TIN central system, ‘Amount matched’ will be displayed, else ‘Mismatch in Amount’ will be displayed.
  • The downloadable file will be carat (^) separated text file.
  • Downloaded file will be compressed and password protected.
  • Extract Zip file containing BIN details in text form by using WinZip version 9.0 and above, WinRaR version 3.90 and above and 7-Zip version 4.65 and above.
  • Password for extracting the contents of the BIN file will be 7 digit AIN.
  • File will contain DDO record with valid TAN along with corresponding BIN.
  • In case of large number of record, file will be split into multiple files.