Steps to Register AIN

  1. Register your AIN online at TIN website. For registration of AIN, click here
  2. Submit the application online.
  3. On successful registration of AIN, a 12 digit alpha numeric registration number is generated.
  4. Print the acknowledgment and preserve the same for future reference.

Detailed guidelines for AO registration online

  1. Details of AO
    1. Mention AIN.
    2. Mention TAN (optional)
    3. Mention appropriate AO Category from the dropdown.
    4. Mention Account Office Name.
    5. Mention Name of Ministry where AO Category is Central Government.
    6. Mention Sub Ministry where Name of Ministry is Civil.
    7. Mention Sub Ministry (Others) where Sub Ministry is Others.
    8. Mention PAO Code (optional)
    9. Mention PAO Registration number (Optional).
    10. Mention State where AO Category is State Government.
  2. Contact Details of AO
    1. Mention demographic details of AO. i.e. complete address.
    2. Mention STD Code-Phone No as the same will be used for subsequent communication.
    3. Mention Mobile No. (optional) as the same will be used for subsequent communication
    4. Mention at least one e-mail ID. Mention details of Name of Responsible person and Designation of Responsible person.
  3. Details of Form 24G Accepted on or after October 2010 for financial year 2010-11 onwards
    1. Mention 15 digit Provisional Receipt Number (PRN) of Form 24G
    2. Mention PRN Date
    3. Mention Count of DDO records present in the Form 24G
    4. Mention Total TDS/TCS remitted to government
  4. AIN account details
    1. Select the User ID and Password for operating AIN account.
    2. Password entered is case sensitive.
    3. Password should be of minimum 8 characters and maximum 14 characters.
    4. Preserve the user ID and password provided.
    5. Select Security question and corresponding answer
    6. Preserve the security question and corresponding answer.
  5. Generation of Acknowledgement/ AO registration number
    1. After filling up the information, click “Submit”. On submission of details, if any errors are provided, rectify and re-submit the form.
    2. A confirmation screen with all the data filled by the user is displayed. The same can be either confirmed or edited by selecting the respective option provided at the end of the screen.
    3. On selecting the option ‘Edit’, user is taken to the page of registration for editing the details.
    4. On selecting the option ‘Confirm’, 12 digit acknowledgement number will be displayed.
    5. Print the acknowledgment and preserve the same for future use.
    6. For future correspondence, mention the AIN registration number provided by TIN along with the AIN.