Annual Information Return (AIR)

List of software providers for Annual Information Returns returns

Name of the company Name of the product
NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (NSDL) AIR Return Preparation Utility (AIR RPU)
Chartered Information Systems Pvt. Ltd. TaxPro AIR
Intense Technologies Limited eTaxfile
K. D. K. Softwares (India) Pvt. Ltd e-Corporate AIR
Perv Software Pvt. Ltd. AIR Return Generator
Professional Softec Private Limited CompuTax
Pulsar InfoTech Pvt. Ltd. Pulsar EasyTDS
Relyon Softech Ltd Saral AIR - Annual Information Return Software
Rushabh Infosoft Limited Rushabh's AIR
SAG Infotech AIR - e-corporate
Skorydov MyTaxAssistant Skorydov MyTaxAssistant (AIR)
Taxmann Publications Pvt. Ltd Taxmann’s e-TDS Returns (Free Download of AIR Software)


Details provided on this page are as intimated to NSDL by the respective software providers. This list is provided to assist filers in knowing the software available in the market. NSDL has not undertaken any test to validate the output generated by these software products. Accordingly, NSDL does not assume any responsibility, whatsoever with regard to the performance, quality or any other matter related to the products displayed on this page. Any claims or disputes with respect to software shall be settled between the software provider and the user of the software. Any entity/person acting upon the information available on this page is advised to undertake evaluation of the quality of the software with respect to accuracy of the returns prepared. NSDL has made available in this site a freely downloadable AIR File Validation Utility (AIR FVU) for format validation of the returns prepared by the filer. NSDL has developed its own AIR Return Preparation Utility (AIR RPU) which is freely downloadable from this site. Users are free to choose any of these software products for preparation of their returns.