e-Return Intermediary

The entity must have Digital Signature Certificate (Class II or Class III) from any of the licensed Certifying Authorities specified by NSDL (currently TCS, IDRBT, SafeScrypt, MTNL, nCode, e-mudhra and NIC) for the purpose of digitally signing the application and the returns uploaded online.

The digital certificate must be in the name of the applicant. If the digital certificate is in the name of an employee / partner of the applicant, then an authorisation letter by the applicant should be provided on the letterhead of the applicant to NSDL.

Hardware Requirements

  • CPU > 500MHz or above
  • RAM 256 MB or above
  • A screen resolution of 800 x 600 pixels and display of 256 colours
  • 20 GB free hard disc space exclusive for ITD
  • UPS power backup for minimum 30 minutes
  • CD writer / other backup devices like DAT drive
  • Printer

Software Requirements

  • Operating system - Windows 98 / Windows NT 4.0 Server or above
  • Anti-virus
  • Internet Explorer 6.0 or above / Netscape 5.0 or above

Internet Connectivity

  • Dialup connection 56.6 kbps or above / ISDN / Leased Line

The system Used to log-on to the Computer System of the ITD

  • should have no resident/ running programs (other than what is allowed by ITD).
  • should have in place security procedure to ensure that there is no misuse.

The entity should have necessary archival, retrieval and security policy for the e-returns that are filed through him.

The entity should submit a due diligence certificate from a certified ISA or CISA professional in the prescribed format that it has the necessary computing infrastructure.

The entity or its Principal / responsible officers, must not have been convicted for any professional misconduct, fraud, embezzlement or any criminal offence by any court in India or by any professional body, as the case may be.