Form 24G


The Pay and Accounts Office (PAO)/ District Treasury Office (DTO)/ Cheque Drawing and Disbursing Office (CDDO) are required to file Form 24G as per Income-tax Department Notification no. 41/2010 dated May 31, 2010. In case of an office of the Government, where tax has been paid to the credit of Central Government without the production of a challan associated with deposit of the tax in a bank, the PAO / CDDO / DTO is required to file Form 24G. For filing Form 24G each PAO / CDDO / DTO is required to have an AIN. AIN is the identification of the PAO / CDDO / DTO for the purpose of filing Form 24G. It is mandatory for each PAO / CDDO / DTO to have an AIN.

How to Apply

Where to get the physical application forms

  • The application form can be downloaded from the Income Tax Department website ( ) or the TIN website or from the office of the Income Tax Department.
  • The duly filled and signed application for AIN allotment is to be submitted in physical form to the jurisdictional CIT (TDS).
  • The details of the CIT (TDS) are available on the TIN website ( )

Allotment of AIN

  • Complete and correct AIN application forms submitted by the PAO / CDDO / DTO will be forwarded to NSDL e-Governance Infrastructure Limited (NSDL) by the CIT (TDS) recommending allotment of AIN to the PAO / CDDO / DTO.
  • On allotment of AIN, the same will be communicated vide e-mail/ letter will be sent to the PAO / CDDO / DTO at the email ID/ communication address mentioned in the AIN allotment form.

Download of AIN application

PAO/CDDO/DTO who do not have a AIN can apply for one by submitting a duly filled and signed AIN application form to jurisdictional