Online PAN Verification

  • Online PAN verification facility is available only for those entities who have been duly authorised by NSDL e-Gov.
  • The user will login to the TIN central system by signing with the DSC associated with it. On authentication of the DSC, the user will get access to the online upload system.
  • If DSC authentication fails the PAN details will not be shown.

In online PAN verification facility two options have been provided to the user. User will have to take care of following points related to these options:

File Based Bulk Verification

  • Input file should be prepared as per the prescribed file format, for Department of Commercial Taxes separate file format.
  • The length of the filename should not be more than twelve characters (Including extension). The filename can be alphanumeric. No special characters are allowed in the file name (e.g. name of the file can be: NSDLPAN.txt).
  • After successful login, the user will select File Upload from the main menu and upload the input file online by digitally signing the upload.
  • The DSC will be authenticated by NSDL e-Gov. On successful authentication the file will be uploaded and a file reference number will be generated.
  • The status of the file uploaded and the output can be viewed / downloaded by selecting File Status from the main menu.

Contact PAN verification team at for operational queries and for technical queries.