Online PAN Verification


  • Entity desirous of availing the facility for online PAN verification has to register with NSDL e-Gov. For this, the entity should forward the following documents to NSDL e-Gov:
    • Signed copy of the Terms & Conditions should be provided on the letterhead of the Entity
    • Demand Draft/ Cheque (subject to realization) for applicable Charges
    • Authorisation letter
    • Screen Shots of new DSC *
      Go to Internet explorer - Tools - Internet Options - Contents - Certificates - Personal Tab (and view certificate) then take below screen shots.
      1. General Tab
      2. Details Tab - Serial Number
      3. Details Tab - Authority Key Identifier
    • Copy of license/certificate issued by regulatory body (if applicable)
    • Sr No. Category of Entity Document
      1 Depository Participants SEBI Registration Certificate
      2 Companies or Government Deductors (Required to file TDS / TCS return) Latest provisional receipt of TDS/TCS return filed
      3 Companies (Required to furnish Annual Information Return) or Any other entity required to furnish Annual Information Return Latest provisional receipt of Annual Information Return filed
      4 Non-Banking Financial Companies approved by RBI Copy of License issued by RBI
      5 Housing Finance Companies Copy of License issued by NHB
      6 Mutual Funds SEBI Registration Certificate

Details required to be provided at the time of online registration are as mentioned below.

  • Organisational Details
  • Reason for availing PAN verification facility
  • Payment details
  • Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)
  • Details of DSC are optional at the time of online registration. However, DSC is mandatory for PAN verification. For details related to DSC, kindly refer Pre-requisite - Digital Signature Certificate (DSC)

Payment Details

  • The registration charges are ₹ 12,000 p.a. plus Goods and Services Tax (GST).
  • This facility is provided for one year and the same needs to be renewed on yearly basis.
  • PANs verified through file upload under ‘File and Screen Based’ facility are chargeable.
  • The entity availing ‘File and Screen Based’ or ‘API Based’ facility has to maintain sufficient deposit against its user ID in order to verify PANs which are more than the free limit of PANs per day.
  • Goods and Services Tax (GST) will be applicable on all the above charges.
  • Payment can be made either by demand draft or cheque.
  • Demand draft / cheque shall be in favour of 'NSDL - TIN'.
  • Demand draft shall be payable at Mumbai (to be sent to NSDL e-Gov).
  • Acknowledgement number and name of entity should be mentioned on the reverse of the demand draft / Cheque.
  • Entity shall select appropriate mode of payment and fill relevant details during registration

Note regarding DSC:-

In order to use the new components for digital signing and verification, Digital Signature Certificate (DSC) based users are required to comply with the following pre-requisites with respect to the system configuration of the client machines :

  1. Windows XP Professional service Pack 3 , Windows 7,Windows 8
  2. Oracle JAVA (32-bit) 1.6 update 29 or above till java 1.8 update 66
  3. I.E. browser version 7,8,9,10 and 11
  4. SafeNet e-Token drivers used should be the latest (if applicable)