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Instructions for filling up 'Form for Changes or Correction in TAN data for TAN Allotted'

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a. Mention 10 digit TAN correctly in the space provided.
b. Left hand thumb impression, if used, should be attested by a Magistrate or a Notary Public or a Gazetted Officer, under official seal and stamp.
c. For changes or correction in TAN data, fill all columns of the form and tick box on left margin of appropriate row where change/correction is required.
d. Please submit the proof of TAN, details of which being changed and proof of TAN/s to be surrendered/cancelled. Applicant may submit the TAN allotment letter received from Income Tax Department as a proof of TAN. In case the applicant does not have TAN allotment letter, he can submit a printout of his TAN details using TAN search facility provided at in or
e. In case address of the applicants changes to a different city and the new address falls under different RCC (Regional Computer Center of Income Tax Department) then applicant needs to apply for a new TAN in form no. 49B. For RCC vs. City details please visit
f. 'Designation of the person responsible for making the payment' field is mandatory to fill up, wherever applicable.
g. The address of applicant should be an Indian Address only.

Guidelines for Filling up the Form

Deductor / Collector should tick the appropriate category specified from (a) to (h) in the form.

Central / State Government / Local Authority deductors should fill up the name in this field. Name of Office is mandatory. Name of Organisation/Department/Ministry may be filled with relevant details.

For example, if Directorate of Income Tax (systems) in Income Tax Department is applying for change / correction in details, it should fill the Name fields as:

Name of Office Name of Organisation Name of Department Name of Ministry

Category of Central/State Government/Local Authority Deductor / Collector. Applicant should select appropriate category by ticking in the relevant box.

Details in this field should be filled by the company if it has taken a TAN for the company as a whole. In case company has taken different TANs for different divisions/branches, point 2(d) is applicable.

Name should be provided without any abbreviations. Different variations of 'Private Limited' viz. Pvt Ltd, Private Ltd, Pvt Limited, P Ltd, P. Ltd., P. Ltd are not allowed. It should be 'Private Limited' or 'Limited' only.

For example:

Name of Company

Category of company - Deductor / Collector should select its appropriate entry by ticking in the relevant box.

It is mandatory to fill the 'Name of Company'. If Branch/division of a Company has obtained separate TAN, it needs to mention either the Name / Location of the Branch or Name of Division (in whose name TAN is sought) in respective field. Branches of a company having separate TANs should fill this field.

For example, Cement Division of of ABC Private Limited located at Andheri should fill as:

Name of Company Name of Division Name/Location of Branch


ABC Bank of India - Nariman Point Branch, Mumbai should be written as:

Name of Company Name of Division Name/Location of Branch

Category of a company - Deductor / Collector should select its appropriate entry by ticking in the relevant box.

First Name is Mandatory. Name of the deductor / collector should be written in full and not in abbreviated form. As an exception, very large Middle names may be abbreviated. Name should not be prefixed with Shri, Smt., M/s, Kumari, Late, Major, Dr., etc. In case name is prefixed with Title, application may be rejected.

Individuals/ HUFs (Karta) must state their full expanded name and fill in the appropriate fields for Last, Middle and First Name.

For example, Dinesh Kumar Garg will be written as:

Last Name/Surname First Name Middle Name

Or, if middle name is not there, it will be left blank. For example, Gunjan Bansal will be written as:

Last Name/Surname First Name Middle Name

If a Sole Proprietor/HUF has obtained a single TAN in his/her name for all businesses run by him/her/it, then he/she/it should fill name in this field.

Deductor / Collector should select appropriate entry (i.e. Individual / Hindu Undivided Family) by ticking in the relevant box.

Individual should select appropriate title by ticking in the relevant box for 'Shri', 'Smt', 'Kumari'. HUF will leave the mentioned fields blank.

This field will be filled only if the form is being submitted for branch of Individual Business (Sole Proprietorship Concern)/Hindu Undivided Family (Karta). It is mandatory to fill First Name.

In case an Individual/HUF has obtained separate TANs for different businesses being run by him/her/it, this category will be applicable. The name of the concern should be filled in the field for Name/Location of Branch.

Other Title (Dr. Late, Smt etc.) related rules / given in Item No. 2(e) will be applicable here also.

For example-

Last Name/Surname First Name Middle Name Name/Location of Branch

Deductor / Collector should select appropriate category (i.e. Individual / Hindu Undivided Family) by ticking in the relevant box.

The Name of the Firm/Association of persons/Association of persons (Trusts)/Body of Individuals/Artificial Juridical Person should be written in full in the field provided.

If a branch of a Firm/AOP/AOP(trusts)/Body of Individuals/Artificial Juridical Person is filling the form, this category is applicable. The Name of Firm/Association of Persons/Association of Persons(Trusts)/Artificial Juridical Person should be written in full in the field provided. Name of Branch should be entered in the relevant field.

For example,

Name of Firm Name/Location of Branch

Deductor / Collector should mention the address of the location where the tax is being deducted. It is compulsory for the deductor / collector to mention at least two details out of four i.e.(Flat/Door/Block No., Name of Premises / Building, Road/Street/Lane and Area / Locality).

Town/City/District, State / Union Territory and PIN code are mandatory.

The applicant should not mention a foreign address.

1. If Telephone Number is mentioned, STD Code is mandatory.
2. In case of mobile number, country code should be mentioned as STD Code.

STD Code Telephone No.
9 1
9 8 2 0 0 1 1 1 1 5

Where '91' is the country code of India.

However, In case of WLL mobiles (e.g. Reliance, TATA Indicom, etc.), STD Code should be mentioned.

3. It is suggested that applicants mention their telephone number so that they can be contacted in case of any discrepancy in the application form.
4. Applicants should provide their valid e-mail IDs for receiving intimation about the status of their application through e-mail.

This field is mandatory for all categories of deductor / collector.

Deductor / Collector should mention the 10-digit Permanent Account Number allotted to it, if any, else leave this field blank.

All TANs inadvertently allotted other than the one filed at the top of the form (the one being used currently by the deductor / collector) should be mentioned for surrending and cancellation of the same. Please enclose the proof of TAN inadvertently allotted to you, such as TAN allotment letter from ITD or a screen print of the TAN search screen on ITD website.

General Information for TAN Applicants

a. The fee for processing of TAN application to be paid to TIN-FCs is 55/- (Plus service tax, as applicable).
b. Deductor/Collector will receive an acknowledgment containing a 14 digit unique number on submission of this form. This acknowledgment number can be used by the deductor/collector for tracking the status of its application.
d. For more information / application status enquiry
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  • Call PAN/TDS Call Center at 020 - 27218080
  • e-mail us at
  • SMS NSDLTAN < space > acknowledgment no. & send to 57575 to obtain application status.
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